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English Only  – Projektwoche mit ABCi

54 SchülerInnen der 3. Klassen der NMS Vorchdorf nutzten in der Woche vom 5.3. – 9.3.2018 im Rahmen einer ABCi – Projektwoche die Möglichkeit, ihre Englischkenntnisse auszubauen. Junge engagierte „Native Speakers“ motivierten die TeilnehmerInnen 29 Einheiten lang nur auf Englisch zu kommunizieren. Die Begeisterung war im gesamten Schulgebäude zu spüren. Bei einer Abschlussveranstaltung imTurnsaal der Schule konnten sich der Bürgermeister von Vorchdorf sowie MitschülerInnen, Eltern und LehrerInnen vom neu gewonnenen Selbstbewusstsein der Kinder im Umgang mit der englischen Sprache überzeugen.


Lena Weissböck 3aI:

I was in group D. We were nine girls and boys. The teachers’ names were Rowan and Salma. Rowan comes from South Africa and Salma comes from Egypt. I learned a lot of games and songs and had much fun. I liked Salma best. There’s nothing that I didn’t like. I would take part in such a project week again.

Valentina Weissenborn 3aII:

I was in group A and my teachers were Jude, Shaun and Tanner. This week was very funny. We learned lots of new words and the rules of different kinds of sports. We practised typically British and American sports. We also played lots of games in the classroom.

Jude is from Liverpool and she was very friendly. Shaun is from South Africa. He didn’t teach much. Most of the time he worked on the computer. Tanner is from Florida. She was very friendly and funny.

I hope there’ll be such a project again.


Luca Zandonella 3aII:

I was in the group “The Blue Fluffy Mice”. My teachers were Jude from Liverpool and Tanner from Florida. I liked the games best. My favourite game was “Change your seats if …”. I learned a lot of new words. I didn’t like the presentation because we didn’t have enough time to prepare. On stage I played the dog Lucy. I really enjoyed this week.

Matthias Schimpl 3b:

I was in group A and we were 16 students. Our teacher was Jude. She is from Liverpool in England. We learned about geography and UK sports. I liked the games and the theatre. I didn’t like American football. I would take part in such a project again.

Denise Peherstorfer 3aI:

I was in group B. We were fourteen girls and boys and our group name was “The Red Hot Dogs”. The teachers’ names were Jude, Tanner, Shaun and Emma. We played games, we sang, we danced and practised for our performance. I didn’t like the games in the gym. But the games in the classroom were awesome and dancing was cool.

Sarah Hartleitner 3aII:

I was in group A together with 15 other students. I had three teachers: Jude from Liverpool, Tanner from Florida and Shaun from South Africa. I learned the pronunciation of difficult English words. I learned new kinds of sports and games. I liked everything about this week. It was great fun with Tanner, Shaun and Jude. I would like to take part in such a project week again. I hope I’ll meet Tanner, Jude and Shaun again. We got a membership card and we have access to the virtual classroom.

Elisabeth Kronberger 3aII

My group was called “The Pink Fluffy Tigers”. The teachers’ names were Salma, Rowan and Shaun. Salma is from Egypt and Shaun from South Africa. I improved my English. My favourite sport was cricket.

Kevin Reiter 3b:


I was in group A. There were sixteen students in my group. Our teacher’s name was Jude. She is from Liverpool. We played a lot of games and we learned about different kinds of sports. I liked baseball very much. I didn’t like American football. We learned about England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I really enjoyed this week.