English in action

English in Action 2016 at NMS Vorchdorf

28 pupils took part in EiA this year. It is part of studying English in the third form. Their two teachers prepared projects and sketches. The pupils had a lot of fun and improved their English by talking to native speakers, Jessica Martin and Luke Taylor. They played a lot of games and enjoyed a communicative way of learning English. We want to say thank you to all the participating persons, teachers and pupils. Hopefully we will have English in Action again next year.


Gabriele Schiendorfer


Participating pupils:

3a: Bacher Lena, Hillinger Christina, Schneeberger Matthias, Werl Victoria

3b: Bachmayr Ines, Hofbauer Aaron, Holzinger Maximilian, Radner Lorenz, Schimpl Timo, Schmidt Philipp, Schwaiger Philip, Sindelar Viktoria

3m: Danzer Michael, Gondosch Marcel, Kazic Emma, Kienesberger Marie, Kmoch Jasper, Maier Magdalena, Martetschläger Hanna, Muhr Nicole, Pöcksteiner Elisabeth, Pöllinger Carina, Prielinger Matthias, Spitzbart Helene, Spitzbart Stefan, Stadlberger Armin, Strassmair Marie, Wagner Laura